Monday, 1 September 2014

New 50 and 100 km routes for 2014

Things are really starting to come together for this year's ride.  And the date--Saturday, September 13, 2014--is coming up fast!

As you contemplate the route decision that you are faced with below, remember that your contributions and fundraising efforts in the past have all gone to the local hospitals.  Past purchases with FUNDS RAISED FROM THIS RIDE have included hospital beds and pitching in on the new Restorative Care Center.

Now, as you may have heard, there has been some pretty major road construction along the east side of the LaHave River this summer.  That will mean two (great) things!
  1. New pavement for 2015!
  2. Awesome new scenic South Shore routes for 2014!
There will be no change to the 25 km route--still the out-and-back route from Lunenburg to Mader's Cove.  These high roads overlook the ocean as they sweep riders along Second Peninsula and Princess Inlet.  Twenty-five kilometers of pure cycling, family-friendly bliss.  Here's a link to this route:

Cycle For Art 2014 25-km Route

The 50- and 100-km routes have the same theme--ride your bike on quiet roads and be able to see the ocean whenever possible!  The road construction proved to be a "good problem" as we considered where to send riders this year.  Check out the links below:

Cycle For Art 2014 50-km Route

One interesting change to the 50-km route this year will be that riders will turn right at the end of the Mader's Cove Road and ride into Mahone Bay where they will turn around in front of the government wharf and retrace their steps towards Lunenburg.  From there it's Grimm Road and a great descent on Crouse's Settlement Road and finally a beautifully wide bike lane/paved shoulder along Route 3 back into Lunenburg.

Cycle For Art 2014 100-km Route

What can we say about this metric century ride?  It's probably THE best loop in the area whether you're talking scenery or low vehicle traffic.  We will have 2 food/water/aid stations set up for the 100-km ride.  The first will be near the 33-km mark at the Fancy Lake Beach Park on the Conquerall Mills Road.  The second will be near the 59-km mark where Hirtle Road meets Route 331.  And finally, though we might be changing the route, we wouldn't deprive you of your well deserved free cookie at the LaHave Bakery near the 86-km mark.  Mmmmm cookie!

A final note about the new routes: though we will have all the courses well marked with both arrow-signs and painted arrows on the pavement, we plan to have laminated "cue sheets" for riders to tape to their toptubes just in case you get turned around.

We're getting pretty excited down here on the shore to show you some great riding!  Don't forget to register online at Race Roster and to LIKE the FaceBook page.  See you on Saturday, September 13, 2014.

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